Episode 1 (part 1) - A Fistful of Brains
Previously on Demiplanes of Destruction.

- The champions met in the Red Room.
- They were given their briefing by one of the show’s lawyers. He proved very persuasive when 2 of the champions refused to put on their magical collars.
- The show began with a display of pyrotechnics, lights, sounds, music, and dance.
- The house band, the Gnomads, played music.
- TPK and Vampy Black introduced.
- Brought out the champions one by one, each given music and sizzle reel as they went on stage. Escorted by the lovely Vampy Black and given a quick moment with TPK.
- Harrison Dundeedle proved that while he was an academic, he wasn’t a ‘nerd’ and through his charms scored one of TPK’s cigars.
- Korgoth learned the hard way not to lay hands on Vampy when she used her supernatural abilities on him after his attempted grabbing of her ass. She had him do a dance on stage and then smacked his instead.
- The basic rules of the Demiplane were given: work together to get through the Game Masters’ story and collect valuable blue objects for victory points.
- The champion with the most kills gets a bonus two victory points at the end.
- The champions would have a time limit to reach the end and exit the Demiplane before the game’s stalker would be released to hunt them down in a no holds barred finale.
- TPK Introduces tonight’s Demiplane as a little town with big problems.

- The group was transported to a bustling saloon. They instantly noticed a girl in a blue dress singing and a man sitting at a table with a blue poker chip.
- Turned away by the singer, Korgoth goes upstairs with a whore instead.
- He arrives back downstairs in time to join the group in a game of poker. The Strixman won the blue poker chip.
- Arguing about the chip, the moment was broken up by a man stumbling into the bar and falling down. Barkeep told the rub-a-dub to beat it
- Strixman performed a heal check while Korgoth stole the man’s blue bandana.
- While a crowd gathered around the man, he bit the whore.
- Bartender got angry and went over with a shotgun and got bit himself.
- He fired a shot off through the man’s head.
- Panic broke out in the bar, there was more noise and gun shots outside. A law man was outside firing shots at a mass of shambling bodies: zombies!
- Some champions investigated outside while Korgoth focused his attention on the blue dress. While he tried to pull at the dress both the whore and the bartender turned into zombies and moved towards him. He ripped most of the dress off before dispatching the two zombies. Much to the girl’s horror and the audience’s pleasure, he managed to snatch the rest of it afterwards. She scrambled under the piano to hide.

-Outside the champions assisted Sheriff Teddy in dispatching a large mob of zombies between the bar and the chapel. The bodies were a mix of human and dwarf. Fresher zombies were mostly human and older zombies were dwarf.
- Guns where fired. Bombs went off. Animals and beastly barbarians ripped and tore at zombie flesh.
- Notably, the Strixman enlarged himself and swung his lucerne hammer at any zombie that tried to walk under him. He dispatched 8 of them, putting him in an early lead.
- Murdock healed the fallen sheriff, restoring him to good health. The group moved together to the chapel to meet with the preacher in hopes of shining light on the situation and getting his aid.



- Story – Undead plaguing a western town
- Group goal – Follow story cues and make it through to the end.
- Individual goals – Collect blue objects for victory points. Finish off enemies to increase kill counter. Highest kill count = +2 victory points.
- Score so far: The Strixman 3 (with kills bonus), Korgoth 2, Murdock and Harrison 0.


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